Vol. 10, Issue 1: November 2017

For wisdom is better than jewels; And all desirable things cannot compare with her. Proverbs 8:11

I’m not a polished man. No deep acquaintance with “fine” things of life; designer clothes, hoity-toity dining, or fashionable venues and pastimes. Look, my clothier guarantees my pants against attack from a brood of angry beavers. I am what I am.

Jewelry is another area of shrouded mystery for me. I wouldn’t know a cubic zirconia from the Star of India. I own one ring, commissioned by Samuel Walton Fine Jewelers. It replaced the original, which resides in our yard after the eavestrough cleaning incident. I also have a tie pin somewhere, and it would take me longer than you’ve got, to go and find it. No polish here.

My wife, who has phenomenal taste in clothing, accessories, and choosing a husband, knows a lot about jewels, but they likewise are not her focus. We are compatible, she and I: she doesn’t want it. I can’t afford it.

Don’t suppose I have the market cornered on wisdom, either. The Lord offers it as we fear Him, dwell in His Word, and walk obediently to His commands. God’s wisdom cannot be proudly “worn,” or thrown on for a special day. Attaining wisdom is a continual pursuit, a restless passion, and a humbling journey. It cannot be bought or bartered for (Prov. 17:16) and can only be retained as we moment-by-moment value and employ it. I don’t always get it right. But my heart’s desire is to grow consistently closer to my Lord.

So that’s the proverb here. Value the valuable thing. Don’t waste your life chasing lesser things. The pursuit of the world’s “desirable things” leads to a devalued existence. The jewel of God’s wisdom is pursuit enough for us.

But to be clear: do choose your pants carefully.