Vol. 10, Issue 3: January 2018

These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.
1 John 1:4

With a turn into the New Year, we’ll likewise take a turn into the New Testament for the next series of my columns for The Stone.

My focus will be in the little letter of First John. Though not occupying much real estate in the Bible, it is a wealth of instruction and encouragement for the believer. This column only allows me so much real estate as well, so my comments will be concise, but hopefully add to your reading and our meditating together on this portion of God’s Word.

We are also embarking once again on our congregational quest to read through the Bible in one year. Our tool this time around is the Daily Bible, (NIV) in chronological order. Many have used this resource before, and others have ordered theirs to proceed through the Scriptures as the family of God in this place. There is still time to get involved, and I encourage you to do so.

I will also be inviting the congregation to join me in a scheduled quarterly day of prayer with fasting. I will have information for you with some useful tools for this focus, should the Lord move in your life to enter in to this discipline and delight.

May we walk together and grow together in our New Year now upon us. As John will encourage us, his “little children,” to walk in the Light, may we resolve to draw ever closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus as the days of this year move rapidly by. There is much to be about in our labors for Him, with many traps to avoid and patterns to embrace. John will help us in these things, as we yield to the Spirit and pay close attention to our walk.

I pray you are “all in” for the journey ahead.