Vol. 9, Issue 10: August 2017

Go to the ant, O sluggard, Observe her ways and be wiseProverbs 6:6

The Lord tells us to study the small creature and gain understanding. In harmony and purpose, the ant labors with its colony to provide for days ahead, and use to full advantage the day at hand. Yet somewhere in man’s collective experience, work got a bad reputation. A godly work ethic is a rare find these days. Will you reclaim work’s noble nature, for the sake of your own soul and your children’s?

Man, from creation was commissioned to tend the garden. The honorable place of labor under God has been supplanted by the demonic notion that sweat is evil (unless recreational in nature) and work is demeaning, intrusive, and distracting from what I would rather be doing: nothing profitable.

Perhaps you can turn the tide within self and those you help to shape. Become a generation that labors honestly at the task. One that gives the best effort, whether or not the boss is looking. One that agrees a job that needs to be done will get done. One who understands that shirking and procrastinating and slapping it out as “good enough” are truly sinful behaviors—not acceptable just because “everybody does it.”

For those who are worn out just at part-time, who can’t wait to get done so they can go play, or are notably unmotivated to labor in any area, we’ll pray.  Pray you discover your worth, and then obey your master. Pray you get to observing life around you as meaningful and rewarding for those who work through the day, know when it’s time for measured rest, and through industriousness plan ahead for the tough seasons that come to all under the sun.

There’s more to share, but I’m getting back to work. You go too.