Vol. 9, Issue 4: February 2017

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction And do not forsake your mother’s teaching…
Proverbs 1:8

Life as a married couple will change drastically if the male has cause to ask the female—“You’re WHAT?” A new addition brings challenges, but preparations for the arrival of a new life should start before the announcement, and might I suggest, even before the altar.

The pre-marital counsel I prescribe covers scenarios (like “kids”) that can happen for couples, allowing them some “first” conversations before life together actually happens. This by design takes the spiritual, emotional, and expectational temperature of each, revealed to their future mate before the “I do’s” are uttered.

This is the germ of truth in this taut little proverb, concerning this year’s topic of parental guidance. God’s Word is solid truth to guide in every area of junior’s development. Knowing and loving God, maturing (self-discipline), serving, stewardship of time, talent and treasure, honesty, morality, conscience, handling success and failure—there is nothing lacking from God’s counsel on these and a thousand other life issues.

How important for the child we desire to raise to see our parental unity and responsiveness to God in our lives, first.

The prophet Amos (3:3) delivers a proverb from God when he asks, “How can two walk together unless they first agree to do so?” To have a Christ-centered foundation is the starting point, and a Christian couple should see that God’s Word will be both the guide, and the litmus test for all other “counsel” in child rearing that comes their way.

In the world we have at our fingertips today, there is no end of ideas, “experts” and trends for raising children. We want our children listening to us, and asking of us. But to whom do we turn, and gain our understanding?

Wise parents learn to ask Our Father.