Vol. 9, Issue 5: March 2017

For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6 

The plague of household bugs never subsided in this feeble winter. Similarly, we have a pest infesting our media: self-proclaimed “authorities.” As go the old ads for E.F. Hutton, “people listen” to a well-spoken expert. Our dilemma is not in finding advice, but in having discernment to sort out the right from the wrong. So, where’s the tool for that pest removal?

The Proverb above I consider today for parenting directs us to the source of wisdom. God alone speaks absolute Truth, and His Word is our guide. Here, He declares how to know Him and please Him.

With knowledge and understanding being His possession, many authorities do align their teaching under His Word. But, there are others who peddle godless advice. They will be found liars, not always in the short-term but always in the final accounting. God has not given a mere “opinion” for us to stack against others’ best thoughts. His truth is the changeless, ever-true Word. His is the benchmark against to measure all comers, and should be revered as such.

This is argument enough to be good students of the Word of God, to know not only the broad principles, but the very heart of God that guides us in every area of life including our parenting.

If the two desires are resident in us—to know Him and to be pleasing to Him—we are on good ground. It is evident that without a desire to know Him, there will be no heart to please Him. The caution comes in the baffling behavior of those who claim a desire to know Him, but have no heart to please Him.

Don’t be baffling.

When the Lord talks, His people listen. And act according to His command.