Vol. 9, Issue 7: May 2017

Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding! Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.
Proverbs 4:5

Would your first choice for marriage counsel be an individual who had never married? Would you select a 1.5 G.P.A. medical student, who couldn’t wait for you to be the first patient? Is that actor you admire an expert in law, politics, or relationships—because they had that cool role in the movies? Perhaps we smile at these scenarios, for they reveal something we usually understand just by being around for a while. Not everyone is truly wise, and we all live (and learn!) from the consequences of choosing poor counselors, teachers, “experts” and guides.

The Proverb here is from a father who knows that wisdom is more than a headful of notions. The child’s yielded life allows the Spirit of God to inform their understanding. This turns “head knowledge” into wisdom that will shape and direct their path.  A yielded life only comes through a healthy fear of the Lord—something Proverbs reminds us of, often. Without the awe, reverence and deference to the Lord, one can have a bushel of learning but a scant thimbleful of sound judgment.

The father speaking here is portrayed as a reliable bearer of God’s truth to his child. Let that be a challenge to all of us, to be a steady follower of Christ. Those who love the Lord continually learn of Him. Basking in yesterday’s victories does not equip us for being the living example we need to be today! Drink in of the Lord, continually. This will ensure that you flow with waters of His wisdom, and not become mired in a stagnant pond of worldly thinking and profitless ego. The guide who is on the journey with the Lord is a trustworthy guide.

Be that guide.